Welcome to the perl4lib mailing list homepage. perl4lib is an unmoderated and open list for discussing the use of Perl in library and information science. It has been established to encourage beginning Perl programmers, and to provide a forum for the exchange of programs, projects and ideas by active Perl programmers.

As many of us have discovered, Perl is not that difficult to learn, with the help of some simple examples, a book and a network of helpful colleagues.


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Perl's text-friendliness makes it ideally suited to many library related tasks. The true utility of Perl in libraries can be seen by browsing the CPAN. To get you started here is an incomplete list of relevant projects. Please subscribe and email the list if you have any suggestions.

Active projects


There is a lot of libraries for libraries over there. Just search on MetaCPAN about MARC, OAI, RDF, ... My personnal notes about MARC:

No more signal ...

Those links were on the former page: i'll try to contact authors of those projects.

Still need it? MetaCPAN rocks ...


The perl4lib listserv was originally hosted by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), and began as a follow on to A Perl Toolkit for Libraries which was a workshop sponsored by the Virginia Library Association on June 7, 1999. From there the list moved to Rice University for a few years until it moved to it's current location at perl.org